PR4 bikes

PR4 The full-size, lightweight trail bike

The AJP PR4 is a incredible full size trail bike, it is a continuation of the technological innovation that distinguishes AJP from any other manufacturer, building on the lessons learned from the previous PR4 it has a composite frame of ‘double aluminium spars & steel cradle’ providing an exceptional combination of balance, rideability, low weight & innovative design.

The PR4 incorporates more of AJP’s own technologies, such as the fuel tank mounted centrally, underneath the rider’s seat (providing an optimised weight distribution), polished aluminium swinging arm & top class suspension. All our innovations are tested and approved during successful Enduro competition and when combined provide an incomparable riding experience in a full sized bike.

All AJP PR4 models come in Pro or extreme specification, so you will have hand-guards fitted, the best suspension, and distinctive livery so you stand out form the crowd.

Balanced and low weight.  Innovative European design and quality build. Is this the bike you were looking for?
AJP PR4 Cockpit
AJP PR4 Fuel tank location
PR4 Supermoto Pro
PR4 Supermoto Pro. 125 or 240cc

870mm seat height
Single cylinder 4 stroke, air cooled engine
Distinctive red livery, fitted hand guards
Great balance, great control

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PR3 Supermoto Pro 125
PR4 Enduro Pro. 125 or 240cc

Single cylinder 4 stroke, air cooled engine
21 inch tront wheel
18 inch rear wheel
Distinctive red livery, fitted hand guards

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PR4 Ultrapassar 240
PR4 240 Ultrapassar

240cc, single cylinder 4 stroke, air/oil cooled engine
British Market bike - the long distance trail machine
More power, up-rated shocks, engine guard fitted
Trial bike ready

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PR4 Enduro Extreme 240
PR4 240 Enduro Extreme

233cc, single cylinder 4 stroke engine
Extreme machine, destinctive livery
Upgraded suspension

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