A Dual-Sport motorcycle is a street-legal bike which is designed for on-road and off-road use.

The terms dual-purpose and all-road are used for this type of motorcycle. Dual sport bikes are equipped with street-legal components such as; licence plate mounting, mirrors, speedometer, horn, lights, indicators and road-legal exhausts so therefore can be registered and licensed. 

The concept of a versatile motorcycle that can be ridden on-road and off-road is as old as motorcycling itself.  When motorcycles first started many roads were still unpaved, so in that sense all motorcycles of that time were dual sports as they were intended to be used on dirt and tarmac. 

PR3 Supermoto 125
PR4 240 Ultrapassar

233cc, single cylinder 4 stroke engine
British Market bike - the long distance trail machine
More power, up-rated shocks

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PR3 Supermoto 125
The PR7 600cc of adventure

660cc, single cylinder 4 stroke engine
48hp @ 600rpm
Road legal

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